Hello, World!

I am Kaili, a food loving Estonian currently living in Switzerland. When most Swiss people spend the weekends skiing or hiking in the mountains, I love to wonder around at the Saturday farmers´market and spend time experimenting and cooking in my kitchen. My mother tongue is Estonian, my work language is English and that is probably why I write about cooking in English. The humble goal of the Lime Or Lemon blog is to inspire people to have fun cooking and eat well.

I started this blog after having been puzzled for a while by limes and lemons. I found out that for some of my international friends limes were yellow and lemons were green, a complete opposite of what they meant to me. This was a perfect moment when my obsession with food and my keen interest in where words come from met. I interviewed my friends and did some research and wrote it all down. The next thought was to share this globally confusing matter with the world.

That beginning then led to sharing my foraging trips to the mushroom and wild berry forests in Estonia, to the farmers´markets in Switzerland and ideas on what to do with these exciting ingredients to new and some old favourite recipes.

I am never bored in a kitchen. There is always something in my fridge and cupboards that can be turned into a tasty meal with a little imagination. There is always a first time to mix different ingredients together and see what happens. Most of the time successfully.

My mind is constantly occupied by food, farmers´ markets, supermarket food departments, fresh home made food, Mom´s cooking and how to burn all these calories after visiting my parents, my sister´s cake masterpieces and her fresh bread, my foodist friends, good and bad restaurants, the top 50 restaurants in Estonia, cookbooks (too many!) and inspiring food blogs, Ratatouille movie, experiments of cooking something new, taste memories, food travel, food cultures and traditions, food production, growing fruit and veggies in small gardens, food waste and how to stop that, the point of food trends and diets... Besides that, languages, geography, etymology, books - my other passions - and cooking for and with my friends fill most of my free time.

Lime Or Lemon is meant to be
- an encouragement to everyone who is just starting to cook,
- a selection of recipes,
- a window to Estonian cooking and food culture made available in English,
- a celebration of the farmers who keep growing the wonderful ingredients generation after generation and all hobby gardeners too, and
- a connection in the web of all inspiring foodbloggers around the world.

I hope the food you eat is delicious every day. I believe that freshly cooked honest meals using fresh ingredients care more about us than packaged ready made meals from microwave. I can´t imagine anyone grabbing for monosodium glutamate, flavour enhancers or preserving agents and adding such stuff into their dinner.

You can contact me at Contactlimeorlemon@gmail.com or leave a comment with a post.
I would love to hear about the fun you are having cooking all these fabulous meals in your kitchen where ever your kitchen might be.