Saturday, June 11, 2011

Peppery Strawberries

June is definitely strawberry time in Switzerland as the local strawberries are on the market. In Estonia the best time for local strawberries is July. The best are the ones picked from the garden on the first round of walk around in the morning. How many ripe red ones are there today? Going around and looking for the best of the best and eating straight away.
Strawberries with sugar, with whipped cream, with chocolate, with mint, in fresh desserts, with champagne, in cakes - the classics.
Sometimes unusual combination of ingredients can produce a delightful outcome.
If you are looking for a new taste experience try fresh strawberries with some freshly ground black pepper. A little powder sugar on top if you wish.
Spice your strawberries up with black pepper

….The soothing cool juicy sweet strawberry with a tick of spicy sizzle lingering on the tongue for a moment or two or three….help yourself to another! ;-)