Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday Presents: pasta machine and handmade chocolates

It is customary to bring a present when going to a birthday. A pasta machine and the pasta drying rack it was for my foodista cake magician sister.

Big were my eyeballs when we received a present from the birthday girl - an artistic box of chocolates. I took a peek inside, the chocolates were jaw dropping. The value of the box shot up the instance when I heard that the birthday girl had made these chocolates herself.

A selection of handmade chocolates

In addition to a white and dark chocolate mousse and buckthorn juice jelly birthday cake that melted on our tongues and caused hightened saliva production with every mouthful, we pampered our taste buds with these handmade chocolates:

A sweet present for the birthday guests

White chocolates with fresh cream, lemon and poppy seeds
Dark chocolates with prune drowned in brandy and coconut paste
Dark chocolate with fig and/or marzipan

Designer chocolate

I have been travelling this week and haven´t done much cooking. I have been eating out a lot, picking up new taste memories in six new places in the UK and Estonia. I am happy to spend money on eating out when the quality and price are in balance with each other and with my expectations.

The week has provided opportunities to distinguish between the good and the bad. The disappointment of the week has been Kama House in Tallinn. The place in an old industrial building  is great but food and service when I visited provided a long list of disappointments for the visitors at our table. The great thing on Tallinn food scene is that new eateries pop up every now and then and provide a lot of possibility to hunt for something new unlike my Swiss home town where the gastronomic curiosity is floating on a quiet waveless sea. Clear, there are great places for eating out, some that never disappoint me, but the newness and discovery peaks in the seasonal change of the specials. Let´s see what this spring brings...