Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who or what are toast soldiers?

English breakfast table, nice silverware, a cup of tea and toast soldiers

The modern technology makes it so easy to participate live in a feast with friends in another country or with a few minutes delay we see an exact snapshot of what´s on the plate of our foodie friends 1000km away.

This morning I had a "virtual" traditional breakfast in Durrants Hotel, in a 18th century building in central London. Old school. The toast was presented in the classic English way as toast "soldiers" for dipping in the soft boiled egg (4 to 5 minutes cooking).

My dear colleague and friend Mark who invited me to this breakfast said that as children they were encouraged to eat boiled eggs with toast soldiers - strips cut to fit an egg. They are sort of at attention like a guardsman.

Although children tend to eat like this - it is sweet to see that grown men are still served their toast soldiers, they never grow up! And that is brilliant!