Sunday, May 5, 2013

Watercress soup

Watercress or Bachkresse in Swizerland

It is rare to see watercress on sale in Switzerland. It does not exist in the supermarkets, it is yet to be seen as the Swiss supermarkets are adapting to a wider range of products in the last years.

It is rather rare at the farmers´market too. Almost non-existent. When I saw the mushroom-man sell wild garlic and Bachkresse or watercresse the decision was made in my head in a few seconds. I made a mental note to strike through some other ingredients oin my shopping list replacing one planned meal with this new surprise.

Watercress soup with sourdough fougasse with olives
Water cress soup
1 tbsp oil (e.g rape seed oil)
1 shallott, chopped
3 medium potatoes, cut into cubes
1 dash of white wine (optional)
0.7 l stock  
100g watercresse
2-3 tbsp fresh cream

Heat the oil, cook the onions in it until glassy, then add the potatoes and cook for a couple of minutes. Splash in the wine and let it evaporate. Add the stock and cook on medium heat until the potatoes are soft. Add the watercress and cook for a couple of minutes until they soften.

Remove from heat and puree. Add the cream, bring back to boil. Season and serve.