Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cake Auction: Passion Fruit / Maracuja Cake

The past two weeks have excited the enthusiastic patissiers at the office as much as the eager colleagues who have been generously bidding or buying lottery tickets in the hope to win a piece of self made cake.

We saw masterpieces of decoration ("An ambulance cake"!) and "Divine drops of paradise" that took the happy winners, drooling in the corners of their mouth, to heaven even if just for a brief moment.

Our Brazilian-Mexican-Estonian team Baked produced a maracuja cake. This involved creating a recipe based on some special Brazilian ingredients. The cake was layered and wrapped in two different fresh cream mixes and pushed over the finish with labor intensive (whew!) chocolate deco. Our cake proudly raised over 360 Swiss francs or 380 dollars.

Passion Fruit / Maracuja cake from the team Baked

The money that all these cakes raised is supporting a local school for children with special needs -Heilpedagogischer Tagesschule Biel.

The teachers, the headmaster and the children make the school a most kind and genuine place. Their school, as they say themselves, is a place for encounter, learning and celebration. They celebrate happy and sad moments every morning with a ceremony and they take time to say hello to everyone before the work in the classrooms starts. At this bi-lingual school the children learn new things, develop various skills and celebrate life. Respect.

This Vol.2 of our cake is a little thank you to the generous bidders. Their money is well spent.

Celebrate life. Learn. ....and eat cake!

A Thank You eddition of the Maracuja Cake for generous donators