Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eton mess

Eton mess, a traditional English dessert
Berries are health bombs. They hide a wealth of antioxydants, vitamins and lots of vitally important nutrients. People who like berries know what I am talking about. To people who are still wondering what to do with berries and how to eat them, I would like to recommend a simpler than simple delicious dessert that anyone can make in a few minutes. This dessert is Eton mess.

Pick a handful of currants, raspberries or strawberries if you are blessed with a garden of your own or go for a walk in a forest and bend your back to gather wild blueberries, some tangy lingonberries or wild strawberries or venture out to a farmers' market to fetch a box of any berries currently in season. If none of the above seems inviting, a supermarket would be the way out to mix together this dessert. Some of my friends use superlatives to describe this sweet decadent creamy enjoyment.
Berries, small health bombs
Strawberries are the traditional ingredient for the original dessert served at Eton college in England.
I had a chance to visit Harper Adams Univeristy, also in England and there I ate Eton mess with cooked mixed berries. If the English use other fruit than strawberries, so can we.

Ingredients per person:
a handful of berries
1 medium meringue (half a palm size)
100ml fresh cream (35% fat)
1 tsp sugar

Break the meringue into smaller pieces with a fork.
Beat the cream with sugar.

Arrange berries, meringue and cream in layers in each serving bowl or mix everything together in a bigger bowl and serve portions from there.

Enjoy with friends!